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Download TikTok videos without watermarks online with our new TikTok downloader. No registration, password, or surveys required. You can finally save any videos on TikTok to your smartphone, tablet, or PC without installing specific apps. Downloading is 100% free and takes just a few seconds to complete. 


Type in the username or paste a link to a specific video - whichever is easier for you. 


Select a post to download. Note, you should paste the URL link for posts older than 12. 


Confirm by clicking the "Download" button below the post and the download will start.


Save more TikTok videos to your device choosing another username or enter the URL.

How To Use TikTok Downloader 

If you want to download TikTok videos online, DownloadTikTok is here to help you. Thousands of users have already saved millions of TikToks. It only counts for 4 steps and will not take more than a couple of minutes to save TikTok without watermark. You do not have to choose a paid subscription, complete verifications or surveys to download your videos of choice. 

Why Use Our TikTok Video Downloader  

Don't blink. This TikTok Video Downloader is all that you need to save anything to your iPhone, Android, or PC. Try once - you will come daily.

What do you get with DownloadTikTok?  

Whopping three thousand users visit DownloadTikTok daily. Some of them prefer lightspeed downloading mode, some like that our video downloader is fully online. Yet what wins us everyone's respect is the absence of ads and watermark-free videos in seconds. Think of how many goofy videos you could have in just a few clicks? Save TikToks to your device and watch anywhere offline.
A credit card is not required.
No verification tasks or surveys.
Not a single ad will pop up.
No password or login details.
Download posts in 1 min or less.
Save to PC, iPhone, Android.
Download TikTok without watermark.
No specific app is installed.
Fully accessible online.
Of TikTok videos cannot be downloaded for some reasons
Why You Cannot Download Some Videos In TikTok 
If you are browsing "How to download TikTok videos" chances are you know where the "Save" button is. Not all the videos can be saved while on TikTok. While some require wits to share a video to Instagram or an email address first, others can only be saved with a specific tool - TikTok video downloader.
If no "Save Video" option appears when sharing a video, there might be some reasons for it:

✔️A creator has turned off the option to download a video while uploading. 
✔️A creator has changed Privacy and Safety settings for that exact video only.
✔️All videos will not be downloadable by default if the account is set to private.

Unless you know a particular tool or application which does that, there are no legit ways to download private TikTok videos. For all others, DownloadTikTok exists. If you have already tried multiple software but failed to get a TikTok watermark-free, you would love our TikTok video downloader. 

3 Ways To Download TikTok Videos

Depending on which device you are on, downloading videos on TikTok can be a little different.
Without further ado let's see the 3 ways how an iPhone/iPad and Android, or PC users can save almost any TikTok to the gallery. The best part, no special TikTok video downloader needs to be installed on your device.

Download with Stories

Find the Save button

Use Chrome Dev Tools

Method 1: Download TikTok videos to iPhone through Instagram Stories

Go to TikTok and open a video you want to save locally.
Tap Share button on your right, and tap on "Stories" icon.
Tap the download icon at the top of your screen.

Method 2: Save TikTok videos on Android using the Save button

Log into TikTok account and find a video for download.
Long press on it untill the Options menu pops up on the screen.
Select "Save" and a TikTok video will be saved to your gallery.
Note, this only works on videos where creators allowed the downloads.

Method 3: Download Tik Tok videos on computer via Chrome Dev Tools

Open TikTok in the browser and find a video you want to download.
Press F12 to open Dev Tools and click "Network" from the top menu.
Select "Media"(3d row menu) and press Ctrl+R. 
Find a file starting with "?a...." under the "Name" column and right-click on it.
Choose to "Open in a new window", and a video will start playing.
Right-click again and select "Save video as". Check your downloads folder.
Of course, you can always save TikTok videos by downloading and installing an app, or sharing a TikTok video as an email attachment if you want to save TikTok to Android, iPhone, or PC. These 3 downloading methods will not remove a TikTok watermark though.
users have already saved TikTok videos without the app 
How To Download TikTok Videos Without The App
All 3 methods described above do not require any specific app to install on your mobile, tablet, or computer. Yet they will leave watermarks on a video. As a result you may need to find another software to remove watermarks from TikTok videos. In contrast, the free TikTok video Downloader we have on this website is quick and efficient, and will download TikTok to MP4 format to your smartphone or PC.

Follow these steps to download TikTok videos without the app:
✔️Type in the username and let us find TikToker's profile and posts.
✔️Select a single post tapping on it and confirm its download.
✔️Download is immediate and saves a TikTok video without a watermark.
Online Tik Tok downloaders are quite practical tools that are as fast and efficient as regular downloader apps for TikTok, but easier and safer to use. Downloading and installing a third party software from an unknown provider may cause harm to your device because of the malware or other security failures. 

This especially is true for TikTok downloaders which require a password or ask to connect a TikTok account to the app for ease of use. You may end up being locked out, suspended, or permanently blocked and could potentially lose your identity and access to profile. Worry not, downloading videos TikTok without an app just got easier with DownloadTikTok.

users search how to get a link from TikTok monthly 
How To Get a Video Link From TikTok
If you want to use TikTok video downloader for a specific video which is not recent, knowing how to get a video link from TikTok might be useful. Getting the URL of a TikTok is easy, and will not take more than just a few seconds. Here are the steps:

✔️Open TikTok and go to a video you want to get the link from.
✔️Once it starts playing, tap the "Share" icon to see the options.
✔️Tap the "Copy Link" icon in the top left, and it is copied to your clipboard.

Now, as the link has been copied to your clipboard, you can open a browser and head over to DownloadTikTok. Paste the URL link into the second area (you should ignore the username option). Next, confirm the download and check your "Downloads" folder (or another folder set as default for downloaded files). While copy-pasting the video link is easy, we suggest you try the username option since it is easier and gives you the latest 9 posts to choose from instead of just one. 
Creators with
30-40 M
fans are in the top 5 most saved TikToks
Top Creators With Most Saved Videos From TikTok 
Hundreds and thousands of videos get saved daily though our TikTok video downloader. Some users save their own videos in case their accounts get blocked, and others save popular videos from celebrities and TikTok influencers. To give you an idea of popularity, we have piled a list of creators whose videos were saved most using our free TikTok downloader. 

✔️@zachking (62.7M followers,  778.9M likes) - over 100 videos downloaded.
✔️@brentrivera (39.9M followers, 1.3B likes) - 70+ TikTok videos saved so far.
✔️@therock (37.5M followers,   205.2M likes) - around 50 TikToks are downloaded
✔️@justmaiko (49.6M followers, 1.3B likes) - 40-50 videos saved locally.
✔️@jasonnash (2.4M followers,  34M likes) - 30+ TikToks saved without watermark
We could further expand our list featuring some of the most talented, artsy, and charismatic creators, but to include them all would require more than just a single webpage. Also, our TikTok video downloader does not store any data like creator's name or username or videos that were downloaded on our servers. Once the request for a video and profile has completed, it is permanently deleted within minutes. 

This helps us protect user identities and comply with personal privacy and safety rules. In other words, every time you search for a certain creator or video, we renew the search base and pull the profile you need. Feel free to save TikTok videos on iPhone, iOS, or Android without a watermark and in original quality using TikTok downloader.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can TikTok videos be downloaded?

Thanks to special tools like the TikTok video downloader, hundreds and thousands of TikToka are saved to smartphones and PCs daily. That said, many videos on TikTok can be downloaded directly from the app by tapping the "Share" button and saving to a device gallery. Still, not every video is downloadable by default. Sometimes creators intentionally disable the "Save" option when uploading a video. In such cases, TikTok downloaders are an easy and quick way to get a copy of a video you want.

Can I download private TikTok videos?

No. DownloadTikTok only allows downloads which does not violate the creator's privacy. While downloads are 100% anonymous and a creator cannot know who has copied a video to their device, we believe it is illegal to let users download TikTok videos which were meant for the creator him/herself. We encourage you to only download tik tok videos that are publicly available and on which saving has not been disabled by the creator. Our TikTok downloader is for personal and non-commercial use of TikTok videos watermark-free. 

How can I remove TikTok watermarks? 

If you have already saved a couple of TikTok videos but cannot find a way to remove watermarks, TikTok video downloader can help. You could get an unlimited number of TikTok videos saved to iPhone, Android, iOS, MacOS or Windows through a URL link or typing a username of a creator into the search bar. The downloader will automatically remove TikTok watermarks and save videos in their original format to your device. Note, watermarks can be removed only while downloading TikTok videos through our tool.

Where TikTok videos are being saved?

If you are saving TikTok videos on a computer, the default folder for all files saved is the "Downloads" folder. Of course, if you have not changed it to a specific one. If you are unsure, press Ctrl + J to open your Downloads history. On smartphones, it will also be saved to the Downloads folder which can be accessed through a File Manager. You should tap "All Files" and then, "Downloads". Inside the folder you will see a TikTok in MP4 format. Check your downloads history if you cannot find a video or download TikTok again.

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Take a sneak peek at TikTok videos, viral for their most spontaneous “all-time-fun” moments. With TikTok video downloader you can download and watch your favourite TikToks without a watermark anytime you want and offline. Is it a fun comedy skit or a step-by-step how-to video, TikTok download has never been easier. Save TikTok videos without watermark iPhone or Android at no cost and in just a few seconds. Why install another app when you can download Tik Tok videos online?

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We are TikTok athletes who marathon all filters and effects and couldn't spend a day off TikTok. It's no joke we have built a user-perfect TikTok video downloader. The aim is to let anyone download their favorite Tik Toks without a watermark. Our tool is fully online and does not require any app installs or signups. 

The idea of an online video downloader came when the next app in a row asked to connect to TikTok before any download. We tried our best to build a fast, responsive, and mobile-first experience for avid TikTokers like ourselves. We hope you enjoy our project of passion and comfort while watching original TikTok videos you saved today 💪

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