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1M+ #Challenges, Slow Mo and Lip-sync videos

#OldTownRoadChallenge(14.3M views), #RaindropChallenge(979.3M views)…Countless. Addictive.

Lip-syncing, comedy and music videos as a career

Oh, yes! Jacob Sartorius and Baby Ariel do! Why don’t you?

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TikTok From Around The World

2020 Trending hashtags and challenges

#love (133.5B views)

#followmeh (1.7B views)

#dog (15.6B views)

#picoftheday (121.3M views)

 #fypchallenge (2.8B views)

#eggchallenge (827.2M views)



Must-see viral TikTok videos

@calebcutler – They did surgery on a banana! “#tb the video that changed my life”, as Caleb says.

@daviddobrik –  crazy take on Elephant Toothpaste called “New World Record Experiment” (26.8M views)

@jade13tr – This cat has the moves titled “I’m so dead” (15.5M views).

2019 Cheesy Memes to spy on

#timetraveller from @woof hits a 1.5M likes and 5.3K comments benchmark.

#savetheturtles from @candyken rips the 1.7M likes and almost 100K shares!

#riseandshine by @_ellieee14 gets 1.4M likes and 12K comments.



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WE:  Aren’t you an ex-Viner, by chance? Because a ton of TikTok users find the app similar to once viral Vine app. But with a much bigger perspective for duets, challenges, hashtags, slow motion effects, lip-syncing… Gosh, so much more!

Not only Snapchat’s biggest rival, but also the most downloaded video streaming and sharing app in the Apple app store. Globally. In fact, it gets more downloads than Facebook or Instagram from both Google Play and the App Store year after year with over 80 million downloads (hitting up for over 2 years straight).

Biggest internet sensation because of its cheesy and catchy content from around the world, the app allows In-App purchases for fans to gift a worthy creator with virtual coins, which can be redeemed for actual money by the recipient. Think of it as a platform for a prospective influencer marketing, or a quite real money-making machine if set in the right direction.

 As the music lovers all-time favorite Musical.ly’s successor, TikTok takes a great care of the musical side of the app offering a wide selection of sounds and song snippets, on top of special effects and filters for your clip to make it instantly attention-grabbing.


WE: Almost 800 million monthly active users, 155 countries and 75 languages this is TikTok, the grand video-sharing app you need to be on in 2020! Best of both Musical.ly and Vine, TikTok is a platform that challenges fun-loving people like you. “Downloading TikTok was the coolest thing to do”, you’ll say later.

Words aside - take a sneak peek at what your TikTok future holds:

Fun features or videos about tiktok.


WE: That’s great!

  • Now open it and create an account, tapping the Me button at the button of the screen. You’ll see the sign up options either with email, phone number or your existing Facebook, Google, or Twitter account.
  • Allow the app the access to your multimedia files on smartphone.
  • Tap the + button to start immediately creating your first TikTok video.
  • Add filters and effects (or stickers) to maximize comedic effect
  • Inject a trending soundtrack from the massive music library
  • Sprinkle all with the hashtags like #foryou, #Christmas, or #memes, or #followme, or something that sets the tone of your clip
  • Click the little red button to post.
  • Enjoy the likes and views you get on your first TikTok shot.
  • If the TikTok dynamics already tunes you in and aspirations for taking it big on the platform are keeping you awake at nights, here’s The Complete How-To Guide To TikTok for you to let you get off to a flying start in less than a couple of days.


WE: There’s a world of opportunities on TikTok for those who can nail the fame game there.

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TikTok Users Reviews

Google Play


Category: Social Media

Updated: Jan. 6, 2020

Verion:  14.4.11

Size: 82 M

Seller: TikTok Inc.

App Store


Category: Entertainment

Updated: Jan. 6, 2020

Verion: 14.5.0

Size: 345.2 M

Seller: TikTok Inc.

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